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Lab quality prints will provide the same rich details of the photo for years to come, even if the print is in direct sunlight.


My name is Chris Applegate. Unlike most people, on January 1st 1985 I was born in Red Bank, NJ with a camera hanging around my neck so I decided to start Chris Applegate Photography 摄影. Aside from being a professional photographer, I currently live in Freehold and have a full time job as a manager and website developer.

I specialize in obstacle course race (OCR), fitness, portraits, and model photography but this does not limit my capabilities of shooting other genres of photography such as macros, nature, panoramic, etc. I understand that not everyone likes cameras but when someone challenges their camera shyness and steps in front of my camera, they usually end up loving their photos.

I have organized a group of photographers for many athletic competition events such as marathons and OCRs. I enjoy capturing the action of the OCR runners as they go into beast mode and push themselves to the limit to complete the obstacles. If I have to climb an obstacle or jump in the mud to get that perfect shot, I'll do just that! While the shots of the runners in action can be very exciting, there is nothing like capturing that moment of accomplishment after the obstacle.

I enjoy shooting photos of people whether they are modeling for a magazine or portraits of families and couples for them to enjoy later on in life. I also like to shoot during my freetime. The best part of being a photographer is that I always meet new people and make new friends.